Consulting Methodology is a commercial training and consulting organisation based in the Netherlands.
We offer training & consulting services for customers worldwide.

The focus of Consulting Methodology is how to get from problems to improvement. Every organization needs a continuous improvement cycle like the Deming Circle (Plan-Do-Check-Act). Those that have not, will not survive.
To manage this improvement cycle, we need to master the concepts :

  • Consulting (Problem solving)
  • Manage Change
  • Project Management

Consulting Methodology offers innovative solutions to manage these concepts.
Although we manage consulting engagements and projects for our customers,  our focus is to help you to support your customers.
Thats why we share our knowledge and transformed them into some out of the box solutions that you can easily learn and apply yourself.


Jaap NieuwenhuijzenThe owner and founder of Consulting Methodology is Jaap C. Nieuwenhuijzen.
Jaap is a very experienced senior consultant and management trainer specialized in Consulting, Management of Change, IT Management and HR. He worked in many industries like construction, off-shore, petrochemicals, banking and IT and performed several roles like manager, process-  or project manager and of course consultant.
After he left the IBM Consulting group in 2001 he became an independent consultant and successful entrepreneur.
One of his enterprises is Consulting Methodology, which is founded in 2008.

For the delivery of specific services  Consulting Methodology works with carefully selected senior consultants, trainers & partners.

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