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Storytelling E-learning NTT Data (In-company)

Storytelling E-learning NTT Data (In-company)

In many cases you have to convince others by means of writing or presenting. You are writing emails, memo's and reports every day. Maybe you even write blogs, articles for social media or present for audiences regularly. 

You want people to read what you have written and to listen to your presentation.
Well, in many cases they don't. They skip your email or only read it half and they are distracted while you are presenting. Sounds familiar?

Creating a compelling story that makes people want to read or hear it. Make people believe it and act accordingly, requires some skill This training teaches you all the techniques to create the perfect story that will stick to peoples minds.   

We collected the effective techniques from consulting, storytelling, sales and marketing and created this learning module for you to benefit from it. 

You will learn how to create compelling stories and great presentations. 
You will get access to: 

  • Readers describing all the methods used by top professionals
  • Video presentations to illustrate them 
  • Assignments so you can practice and learn them yourself 
  • Guidance by an experienced trainer
  • A full training video from a real life training