Increase your revenue as a service provider

Changing markets and increasing competition lead to the situation that your products and services tend to turn into commodities. Sales executives complain about the fact their […]

Improved approach to Consultancy

You can easily get a competitive advantage by applying the latest insights from the area of sales, consulting and management of change. ConsultingMethodology applies these insights […]

Is your Consulting fact based?

As a Chairman of the board  once mentioned, “Since nobody can bring me any facts, we’ll just settle for my opinion.” This was after a long […]

From Problems to Improvement


Issue Based Consulting

Many professionals worldwide use methodical approaches, often based on best-practices, to structure their work. To learn this profession you can get education and if you master […]

Training : Issue Based Consulting

Issue Based Consulting (IBC) is a free to use non-proprietary technique for professional consulting. The consulting process is defined from initial customer contact to the creation […]