Change Management
Change management

Change Management

The training Management of Change deals with all concepts, models and tools on Management of Change that are published and accepted the last few decades. The training offers an overview of all these concepts and how to apply them in your daily work. To learn this you will be trained to evaluate situations and apply the appropriate concept. During the training there is sufficient time available to discuss these topics with the trainer and the other participants and bring in your own case examples. Although you will learn a lot of theory, due to the set-up the training will be very practical.
The training is based on the APMG Change Management certification path and the trainer is a certified AMPG Change Management Practitioner with a broad experience as a change consultant and change manager.

By applying what you have learned:

  • You are able to analyse and evaluate the organization and it’s current situation in the right perspective regarding Change
  • You are able to distinguish many different change metaphors and approaches available and select the right approach for your situation
  • You are able to manage individual change, team change and organizational change effectively by applying the right concepts
  • You will be a subject matter expert on Management of Change, because you master all Change idea’s and concepts published for the last 50 years

Concepts and skills we learn:

  • Learning styles
  • Individual Change
  • The behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic and humanistic approach to Change
  • Team Change
  • Type of organizational teams and how to improve team effectiveness
  • Leaderships issues in teams
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Organizational Change
  • Organizational metaphors
  • Models of Organizational Change
  • Leading Change
  • Leadership styles
  • Management versus Leadership
  • The role of the Change Agent
  • Cultural Change

During the course you will learn and apply the theories of:

Douglas McGregor, Frederick Herzberg, Pavlov, Ellis and Grieger (RET, Aaron Beck, Milton Rokeach, Richard Bandler and John Grinder (NLP, Cameron & Green, Kubler-Ross, Adams, Hayes and Hopsons, Virginia Satir, Gerard Weinberg, Maslov, Rogers, Fritz Perls (Gestalt), Nevis, Myers Briggs, Schein, Lewin, Schein & Benis, Morgan et al, Sundstrom et al, Cohen and Bailey, Casey, Rollin and Christine Glaser, Tuckman, Ralph Stacey, Bion, McCaully, Whelan-Berry and Gordon, Morgan, Bullock and Batten, John P. Kotter, Beckhard and Harris, Nadler and Tushman, Willam Bridges, Carnall, Senge, Stacey and Shaw, Waren Bennis, and many others.


The methodology and related training are focused on a bachelor or academic level audience with at least 5 years of relevant working experience.

  • All managers, interim managers and consultants dealing with organizational change
  • Project managers involved in Change Programs, including software or process implementation projects
  • Change agents involved in the implementation of Change to support the organization

Course details:

Course length: 5 days
Course dates: See Calendar
Investment: € 2.350,- (VAT excluded)
  • Including all course materials
  • Including lunches and beverages

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