Issue Based Consulting
Issue Based Consulting

Issue Based Consulting

Issue Based Consulting (IBC) is a free to use non-proprietary technique for professional consulting. The consulting process is defined from initial customer contact to the creation of the end- recommendation. The method helps every professional to solve complex problems the most efficient and effective way, Not only consultants, but also engineers, (project) managers and all others that have to deal with solving complex issues. By offering a structure and a toolkit IBC is the ultimate answer to get a grip on these challenges. The quality of your solutions will be strongly improved. Also the buy-in with key stake- holders is part of this process and will be improved. The method enables professionals to save a lot of time by putting the finger on the sore spot or root cause in a very short time and convince customers and stake-holders of your solution.
Ideal for consultants or consulting firms with a desire for a professional, structured and well defined approach to consulting.

 By applying Issue Based Consulting:

  • You are able to convince the customer of the underlying problem and the value of your help?
  • You are able to distillate the root cause of perceived problems in a very short time
  • You are able to create an effective solution and create buy-in with customer and stake-holders
  • You are in control of your consulting engagement and your team, due to a structure and a well-de-fined scope you are able to manage the process

 Concepts and skills we learn:

  • Issue Based Consulting
  • The 5 Stage Consulting Process
  • Objectives (Customer objective, Engagement objective)
  • Dealing with barriers
  • How to create buy-in
  • Effective Presentations (storyboards)
  • Consulting skills
  • Data mining skills
  • Presentation skills


The methodology and related training are focused on a bachelor or academic level audience with at least 5 years of relevant working experience.

  • Experienced professionals who want to enter the field of consulting
  • Consultants who want to expand their expertise with a new method to improve the structure, effectiveness and commercial approach of their assignments.
  • Experienced consultants who seek an innovative approach to create more value for their customers

Course details:

Course length: 2 days

Please check our Training Calendar for updates on any scheduled training in your area.

Course fees € 1.950,- (VAT excluded)

  • Including all course materials
  • Including lunches and beverages

Our training offer:

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