Consulting Led Selling versus Consultative Selling. The next level.

Consulting Led Selling is definitely something else than Consultative Selling. The mix-up is understandable because it sounds the same. However, consultative selling is about Sales, Consulting Led Selling not.

In Consultative Selling, “consultative” is an adjective towards “selling”. It is a sales approach with an emphasis on consulting about your solution and how it matches the clients’ situation. (In a nutshell)

Consulting Led Selling is about Consulting and how Consulting can add to Selling products or ideas. This eventually could lead to many things like; more sales, more revenue, more customer retention, more acceptance, more engagement, more adoption.
Basically it is about the formula E = Q x A. Your required End result is a product of the Quality of your solution and how it is Accepted.
Our approach to Consulting Led Selling consists of 4 powerful elements each adding to a better quality of your solution and/or improving the acceptance. Although it certainly contains some methods and skills from the area of Sales it mainly consists of proven consulting techniques. These are useful for sales professionals, consultants, (project) managers, architects and other professionals in their daily work. In the end they all try to create great solutions and want them to be effective. In most cases being effective means others have to accept and adopt them.