Increase your revenue as a service provider

Changing markets and increasing competition lead to the situation that your products and services tend to turn into commodities. Sales executives complain about the fact their work has become less consultative and sales pitches are mainly about compliance. Before customers reach out to you they have already developed their solution. This is the case in 60% of the situations and all you can do is comply to the scope of work and the proposed solutions. In many cases you are even competing with others.

Be pro-active instead of reactive

We can help you to be proactive instead of reactive. Successful service providers challenge their customers and establish a position as trusted adviser. Instead of reacting to the customers’ demand issued by the Purchase department, you talk with business leaders about their challenges and problems.

A four step Road-map

ConsultingMethodology has developed a successful road-map to achieve this.  It is based on the knowledge and experience of professional consulting firms and leverages concepts like Insight Selling, Issue Based Consulting, Storytelling and Management of Change techniques to reach results.
The approach is Top-down and starts with challenging and improving your business strategy in 4 steps:

  1. Develop the right strategy and set goals
  2. Develop or improve your strategic service propositions
  3. Apply the right sales strategy
  4. Embed the new strategy in your organisation and equip your people with the right tools

Tangible deliverables for a fixed price

Because we apply this approach ourselves (and are quite successful because of this) we are able to deliver the entire scope for a fixed price.
Deliverables like:

  • Renewed Vision and strategy, now challenged and improved.
  • Clear and compelling vision statement
  • Stakeholder assessment
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Improved business model and service portfolio
  • Your staff knows how to pitch your organisation and each service and/or product
  • Your staff will be trained with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes for customer engagement
  • An effective marketing strategy and -plan to execute

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